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Diversified was formed in 1971 when families came together with a desire to create a safe, “sheltered” environment for their adult children to work in while earning an income. At that time a sheltered workshop was created to serve that purpose. Although it does not exist in the same form today, we still provide pre-vocational and community based supported employment services for adults with developmental disabilities and individuals with barriers to employment.

While providing this service, we also do manufacturing as well.

Our Manufacturing Division supports all industries including but not limited to Military, Aerospace, and Commercial.

  • Cable/Harness assembly department specializes in custom made wire harness and cable assemblies.
  • Bond/Seal/Adhesive certifications include-but are not limited to-the following:
    • Seal – Body Fillet/Fastener/Injection Application
    • Sealing Essentials
    • Seal – Faying Application
  • Mechanical Assembly certifications include-but are not limited to-the following:
    • Bond & Ground Type IV – 5, Term. Inst. On Preinstall Ground Studs
    • Electrical Bonding, All Type II (Ground Studs)
    • Type I Electrical Resistance Measurement
    • Type III Faying Surfaces
  • Diversified currently owns and operates three laser marking machines; this allows us to meet all of our customer’s wire marking needs ranging from 24 gauge to 6 gauge.

Diversified Industrial Services Staff
We are a Quality Driven Organization, continually improving our processes in order to exceed customer expectations.